Our signature skills-based program

Social Skills Groups

This is our social skills program designed to bring accessibility, equity, and inclusion for families seeking an effective natural environment, ABA-based education, integrated with the hands-on experience of the Montessori Prepared Environment.

* Some insurance plans accepted, self-pay/private pay accepted.

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Tier 3 Montessori Social Groups

We are committed to working with you and your child to find their “optimal fit” for learning, even if they have been sent away from other schools. 

The Montessori daily morning work cycles are led by an elementary-trained and State Certified Special Education Montessori teacher, and your child will be supported in their learning by a Montessori Behavior Intervention Assistant to build upon their strengths, and to help fill in any learning gaps.

If your child is enrolled in our Montessori  ABA program, they will be assigned to one of our behavior therapists, who will integrate your child’s goals throughout the day.

Daily sessions include: Functional/Practical Life Skills, Social Skills, Going Out Community Inclusion, and Grace & Courtesy Lunchtime Social Groups.

This program is flexible; based on your preferred schedule, and ideal for:

  • Children with a diagnosis. Any diagnosis.
  • Children with no diagnosis or awaiting testing.
  • Home school families.
  • Families looking to transition into a more traditional Montessori program.
  • Any family who has been sent away from a Montessori program due to their child’s behavior challenges, but still believes the hands-on Montessori approach may be best for their child. (We believe this too!)

Home School Social Groups

Social Skills-based Elementary Montessori small groups from 9-12: flexible daily or weekly schedule.

* This program may be covered under your insurance plan. Please email or call our billing and insurance experts directly for details (512) 551-2414 ; admin@tier3montessori.com ; billing@tier3montessori.com


Saturday Social Groups


  • Elementary: (1-hour session) interest-based social skills therapy group for ages 6-9 or 9-12. (This plan may be covered under your insurance plan. Please call for details).
  • Adolescent: 5-7pm (2-hour session) Tabletop role-playing campaign for ages 13-15, sessions led by a professional DM/Game Master.


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