Our Center Based ABA Therapy Programs

Whole-Child, Compassionate ABA

Tier 3 Montessori is all about acknowledging and celebrating individual uniqueness, supporting strengths, and bringing out the best in people.

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1:1 Center Based ABA Therapy

Practical Functional Assessment & Skill-Based Treatment (PFA/SBT), Enhanced Choice Model for severe and emerging problem behaviors, and our Montessori-based Community Inclusion Program:

M-F 9-noon or 9-3pm 

  • Whole-child, compassionate ABA
  • Montessori-based
  • drop-off, center based therapy
  • morning program or full day from 9-3
  • Flexible, hourly self-pay/private pay rates available.
  • Some insurance plans accepted – BCBS, Medicaid and more, soon!
    1:1 Trauma Informed ABA

    Shared Interest Social Skills Groups

    Does your child have a seemingly endless fascination with something, and you would love to find a friend their age to share in that topic? That is our goal too.

    In our Natural Environment Teaching (NET) and Incidental Teaching (IT) sessions, we bring children together to build appropriate peer relationship skills by sharing their interests. 

    • Elementary: (90-minute session) choose from one of special interest groups or our art-based social skills therapy group for ages 6-9 or 9-12.
    • Adolescent: 5-7pm (2-hour session) Tabletop role-playing campaign for ages 13-15, sessions led by a professional DM/Game Master.

    1:1 Parent Mentorship & Home Training Model

    Coaching and Mentoring using the Balance Program

    This short 3-6 month program is for families who would like immediate and more direct involvement in their child’s therapy program. Parents will be given an account profile to our online portal, with access to video lessons, their child’s programs, and updated performance progress. The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will require only 2, 1-hour sessions per week with the family for guidance and mentorship. The parent or caregiver will need to practice the skills only twice a day for about 5-10 minutes each at their convenience, and keep the data log updated. These short practice sessions should be recorded, and are easily uploaded onto the encrytpted, HIPAA-compliant platform for the behavior analyst to provide feedback and make any cusomized program adjustments.

    This program is flexible, and can be started immediately, so it is ideal for families on waitlists for ABA therapy at other locations. Self-pay/private pay only.



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