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Individual and Small groups

Now enrolling for the Fall 2024 school year: Social Skills & Community Inclusion Program

Flexible Scheduling, choose any day or full week: M-F, 9-12 or 9-3 

Whole-child, compassionate Montessori-based, inclusive morning program.

This is our signature, skills-based Tier 3 Montessori program designed to bring accessibility, equity, and inclusion for families seeking effective interest-led Natural Environment Teaching and Universal Life Skills, integrated with the hands-on experience of the Montessori Prepared Environment.

1:1 Compassionate, Trauma-Responsive ABA available: 

Practical Functional Assessment & Skill-Based training, Enhanced Choice Model for severe and emerging problem behaviors.

* Self-pay, private-pay only program

social skills groups

After School / Saturdays

Flexible, 90-minute, after school, or Saturday sessions include embedded goals. Shared interests include: art, board games, Lego-building, D & D, Pokemon, music, movement, and more!

Groups are limited to 6 students.


Social Skills Summer Camps

* Low Ratio, Sensory Sensitive Environment

* 3 children to 1 trained adult

* Monday through Friday through June 2024

* Flexible schedule   

* Emphasis on social skills and community inclusion embedded       for practice each in session.
* Planned structured and unstructured child interest-led                   activities each day.

Half-day mornings 9-12   $ 300/week  


Afternoons 12-3    $ 300/week  


Full-day 9-3   $450/week

Hour by hour: $45/hour


1:1 parent/Family training

The Balance program is for families who would like more direct involvement in their child’s treatment. Families will be given an account profile to our online portal, with access to video lessons, their child’s programs, and updated performance progress. The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will require only 2, 1-hour sessions per week with the family for guidance and mentorship. The families will need to practice the skills only twice a day for about 5-10 minutes each, at their convenience, and keep the data log updated.

Montessori Behavior Services

Contract services for IEP minutes/goals, social groups, compassionate and empathetic FBAs, trauma-informed Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)s, Behavior Support Plan (BSP)s, based on Child Study, Nautilus Reports, and DERS, as well as teacher/staff behavior training available for Montessori Schools. 

Internship and training: The Montessori Behavior Intervention Assistant is a highly trained inclusion paraeducator trained as a Montessori assistant guide, as well as a behavior therapist, with ongoing training in trauma-informed and trauma responsive education.



How To Register For Any Of Our Programs

We want to make your life as easy as possible, and get all of your questions answered to put your mind at ease.  Follow these easy steps, or feel free to skip straight to registration if you already have all the information you need.

Call For Inquiry

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Call to Apply/Register

(512) 922 - 9525 or (512) 551-2414


Read the descriptions and choose the program that you think may fit your needs.  


Schedule a 15 minute Free consultation call to be sure the program you have chosen is right for you.


Come on by for a walk through to check out our facilities and location.


Call us to Register at (512) 922-9525 or (512) 551-2414

1:1 ABA Programs

Whole-child, compassionate ABA therapy

1:1 Parent Training and Mentoring

This program is for families who would like more direct involvement in their child’s skill-based treatment using the Balance Program.

1:1 Trauma Informed ABA

Practical Functional Assessment & Skill-Based Treatment, Enhanced Choice Model for severe and emerging problem behaviors.

Social Skills Group Programs

Elementary and Adolescent small groups: mornings, afternoons, Saturdays. Each shared interest group is limited to 6 participants.

Homeschool Social Groups

Mornings from 9-noon, small group instruction, community inclusion, art, natural environment learning.

Saturday Social Groups

Elementary Art-based groups, every Saturday.
Adolescents – D&D with a professional game master, every Saturday from 5-7pm

Montessori Behavioral Services

Interdisciplinary behavioral services uniquely designed to work with the Montessori approach, curriculum, and environment of each classroom community and Guide.

Montessori Direct Services

Social groups, 1:1 behavior inclusion support, behavioral consulting, formal & direct observations for FBA, BIP and BSP: Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Support Plans for your Montessori Communities.

Montessori Behavior Intervention Assistant Training & Internship

Montessori Schools – contract services, and teacher/staff training available.