About Tier 3 Montessori

A Whole Child Approach

Our Philosophy

ssTier 3 Montessori is all about acknowledging and celebrating individual uniqueness, supporting strengths, and bringing out the best in people. 

Our behavior technicians, therapists, and clinicians provide a child-centered :”education for life”, based on empathy, dignity, and respect by using a whole-child/whole-family approach. 

Using our powers of observation and collaboration, we make small adjustments to the environment, materials, or ways they are presented, over time, so your child can develop practical and meaningful skills for a functional and autonomous life; our aim is to empower our learners to maximize their joy and increase their overall quality of life.

​We do this by using high-quality individualized observation based on body signals, including those of nervous system regulation or dysregulation, direct and indirect assessment, and interpretative analysis of your child’s behaviors to collaborate with you and your child to come up with a workable solution – together. You are an integral part of your child’s future, and you will be with us along this adventure for every step of the way so we can align with your child’s and your family’s values. 

The principles of human behavior and contextual behavior science are already happening all around us, including within homes, schools, and Montessori classrooms worldwide. Our work is for children and the adults in their Prepared Environments by using the elements of human behavior already present. Notice how sometimes simple, small adjustments made to their environments can better support children toward a more functional and meaningful education “as an aid to life,” as well as belonging, and true inclusivity in their schools and in the world.

The type of ABA we use is compassionate, strengths-based, skills-based, and trauma-responsive, so we work to empower children in support of them becoming the best they can be. Today’s ABA begins with a collaboration with parents and caregivers to find that place of joy in each child.

Our purpose at Tier 3 Montessori is not to change Montessori education, or convince Montessori educators to adopt a practice of ABA; but to reach that subset of parents and families whose child does have a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis, who have been referred to seek ABA services by their pediatrician, and desire a Montessori education for their child with special needs, but have not yet been able to access it due to cost or lack of “fit” into other Montessori programs they have tried to get in. Through the Tier 3 Montessori social pediatric model, families are able to access much needed effective and individualized behavior services for their child within a Montessori social setting. 

Please do not contact us if you are looking to “fix” your child or their behavior so they seem more “normal” or less autistic – there are plenty of traditional ABA centers in the area who will do that for you. We view stimming as a coping and calming behavior so we cannot and will not act to suppress stimming behaviors unless it compromises their personal safety or the safety of others.

We have a fully transparent and open door practice with consideration to HIPAA compliance.

You are invited to remain in the center during your child’s session, and you may be asked to actively participate in your child’s 1:1 sessions as long as no other children are around. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Life can be confusing and often times overwhelming so we figure you’ve got questions and we’d like to answer them as quickly as possible. We put some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions here, but don’t fret if we didn’t answer yours.  Send us a message (above), or schedule a free 15 minute consultation to  get those mysteries solved as soon as possible.

How is Tier 3 using Montessori and ABA at the same time?

Elements and applications of behavior analysis are already inherent within Montessori classrooms worldwide. The science of human behavior was discovered using objective observation, data recording, and interpretive analysis of data, just as Dr. Maria Montessori used scientific observation to discover her method of educating children with specialized needs. 

Our aim is to validate, support, educate, and mentor the adults on these observed principles so they can adjust their Prepared Environment, including their own behaviors, to better support children in promoting each child’s independence. Our shared purpose is working toward inclusivity and peace within our Prepared Montessori Environments.  

Are your Therapists ABA therapists?

Our Montessori Behavior Intervention Assistants are trained in the effective principles of applied behavior analysis, and are either Registered Behavior Technicians™ or working toward that nationally recognized credential. All of our staff are trained using the BACB ethical code, which means they are knowledgeable about which strategies work most effectively and compassionately to support children in their development, and which strategies are not evidence-based, are ineffective, or otherwise wasting precious time for introducing skills-based treatment. In all of our treatment approaches, the child and family come first. We work under Today’s ABA Pledge of: building rapport, televisability, and safety, and additionally, to the Tier 3 Montessori commitment to peace, inclusivity, equity, accessibility, and empowering neurodiversity.

Does insurance cover the cost of your services?

It depends on which insurance company you have, and if we are an approved service provider for them. We are approved for some insurance companies, and will also accept private pay, if necessary. This is also why we are unable to post our prices publicly, because every insurer has different coverage per plan

How much do your services cost?

The cost of services varies due to each individual child’s needs, and each family’s specific insurance benefits policy, including your insurance co-pay, since every company has different requirements and plans. Unfortunately, our private pay rates are determined by the base insurance rates. This is also why we are unable to post our prices publicly, because every insurer has different coverage per plan. Please hold on to hope! Our billing and enrollment team is committed to helping you come up with a workable solution. (303) 514-4552

Does my child need a diagnosis to participate in any of your programs?

No, at Tier 3 Montessori, we are committed to supporting all children individually as this is something we already do in Montessori and in behavior analysis; a label or diagnosis is not required for our work to be effective.

For the children who do arrive with diagnostic labels, we are familiar with those diagnoses, and can interpret the prescribed strategies into the language and methods used in the Montessori environment.


How To Register For Any Of Our Programs

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